The best USB-C monitors for 2020

The amazingly versatile USB-C port is more necessary than it’s ever been. From battery charging to ultra-fast data transfers, we’ve gotten used to USB-C, and it has become important to find accessories that include USB-C connectivity. Monitors have been a little slow to jump on the USB-C train, but there are now a number of […]


Lepow 15.6-Inch USB-C Portable Monitor

The Lepow 15.6-inch Portable Monitor ($ 169.99) is one of the better large-screen mobile displays we’ve tested, thanks to its 1080p native resolution and a wider selection of inputs than you’ll find on most briefcase monitors. But although its pixel count is good and the screen is roomy, its colors look flat (a common issue […]


The best USB-C headphone adapters of 2019

Mobile devices are ditching headphone jacks at a dismaying clip, so if your new Android smartphone (or Apple iPad Pro) ships without that precious port, you may have to purchase a wireless headset to listen in on podcasts, music, or video. Or maybe not. You can still use your device’s USB Type C port with […]


AOC I1601FWUX USB-C Portable Monitor

You need not be limited by your laptop’s single small screen if you’re drafting a proposal in your hotel room or presenting to a small group anymore: The age of the truly mobile monitor is here. You can boost your screen area with a portable display such as the AOC I1601FWUX USB-C Portable Monitor ($ […]


What Is USB-C? An Explainer

USB Type-C: Truly Universal? Landing on a single standard to rule them all is an elusive aim in the realm of personal technology. At best, you end up in a format war, and one faction emerges victorious for a few years until an entirely new technology takes it out. VHS ate Betamax, then was ousted […]


The 10 best USB-C cables of 2018

The shift toward USB-C cables is well underway, and with good reason. Thanks to a reversible connector, you can finally wave goodbye to the frustration of plug-in failures because your cable is in the wrong orientation. With USB-C, you can also potentially benefit from the latest speed boosts that the USB 3.1 standard brings. Almost […]