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How Tech’s Lobbyists Are Using the Pandemic to Make Gains

WASHINGTON — Last month, lobbying groups representing advertising giants like Google and Facebook asked California’s attorney general to wait to enforce the state’s new online privacy rules given the coronavirus ripping around the world. In Washington, lobbyists representing cloud computing giants like Amazon pushed for more money to help federal employees work remotely. And Uber […]


Mayo Clinic starts using autonomous vehicles to deliver coronavirus tests and medical supplies

The Mayo Clinic today announced a partnership with Bestmile and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) to deploy autonomous shuttles that transport medical equipment and COVID-19 tests collected at the hospital’s drive-thru testing site. The hope is that they’ll expedite the delivery of much-needed supplies while reducing the risk of human exposure to the coronavirus. On […]


Vicon’s Capture.U adds live AR athletic tracking using Apple’s ARKit

Vicon is already well-known and respected for both motion capture cameras and virtual reality endeavors, so its next step — augmented reality — probably won’t come as a shock to anyone. But professional athletes, trainers, and their teams may be particularly interested in the company’s latest development: an update to the Capture.U motion analysis app that lets users measure, […]


U.S. senators urge U.K. to reconsider using Huawei equipment

(Reuters) — Twenty Republican and Democratic U.S. senators came together on Tuesday to urge British lawmakers to reconsider their government’s decision to allow China’s Huawei to be among the suppliers for the country’s 5G mobile telephone network, the latest salvo in U.S. opposition to the plan. “Given the significant security, privacy, and economic threats posed […]