Realeyes raises $12.4 million to help brands detect emotion using AI on facial expressions

Artificial emotional intelligence, or “emotion AI,” is emerging as a key component of the broader AI movement. The general idea is this: It’s all very well having machines that can understand and respond to natural-language questions, and even beat humans at games, but until they can decipher non-verbal cues such as vocal intonations, body language, […]

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How to alphabetize paragraphs or lists in Google Docs, using a free and simple add-on

Execs in the tech industry are turning to boutique matchmaking services over online dating.Jens Meyer/Press Association Images Alphabetizing a Google Docs file can help you make large quantities of information quick and easy to browse. You can alphabetize the paragraphs of a Google doc using a free add-on called “Sorted Paragraphs.” Once installed, the process […]