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Running Windows 95 in an “app” is a dumb stunt that makes a good point

Enlarge Felix Rieseberg A silly new app has been doing the rounds this week: Windows 95 as a standalone application. Running on Windows, macOS, and Linux, the Windows 95 “app” combines Electron (a framework for building desktop applications using JavaScript and other Web technology) with an existing x86 emulator written in JavaScript. The emulator can […]


Chromebooks May Include Dual Boot Feature to Load Windows 10

Windows 10 might be arriving on Chromebooks as a “dual boot” feature that’ll let you load up Microsoft’s operating system on startup. Google developers have been dropping possible hints on the feature’s arrival through a website devoted to tracking Chrome OS’s code changes. According to XDA Developers, the upcoming feature is codenamed “Campfire,” an apparent […]

Gears & Gadgets

Chrome now using native Windows 10 notifications, Action Center

We’re now rolling out support for native notifications in Chrome 68 using the Windows 10 Action Center—super exciting! Would love to hear your feedback! — Peter Beverloo (@beverloo) August 8, 2018 As of today, Chrome users on Windows 10 are going to start seeing Chrome notifications delivered as regular Windows notifications. This means that […]