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Instacart’s workers will strike for safety protections and hazard pay. A lifeline of groceries could be caught in the middle.

Gig workers have become akin to first responders for some people during the crisis, but they perform this labor without meaningful health benefits or pay protection. Instacart hasn’t provided workers with any hand sanitizers or protection, Vanessa Bain, a veteran shopper for Instacart who helped organize the strike, told The Washington Post. “It’s so scary […]


Huge gains for Microsoft Teams, Slack as workers stay home to avoid coronavirus

Microsoft Teams and Slack, rival digital collaboration tools, have both reported massive gains in customer numbers as workers stay at home amid the outbreak of the new coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. Companies from various industries, in a bid to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic, have established work-from-home arrangements for employees whose duties may be […]

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Cybersecurity company Cloudflare is making a directory of free tech services to support the surge in remote workers during the coronavirus outbreak

Mike Blake/Reuters Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince Cloudlfare has created a hub to centralize offers of free tech services to make it easier for companies to access virus-related offers. After Cloudflare’s CEO reached out over the weekend, Box, Google, GoToMeeting, Microsoft, and Cisco’s Webex have also posted offers on the hub. Cloudflare also announced Monday it […]