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$20 billion Stripe is investing in a digital payments company that's aiming to be the Amazon Web Services of the fintech world

Arik Shtilman, cofounder and CEO of RapydRapyd Fintech unicorn Stripe participated in a $ 40 million financing round for payments service company Rapyd. Rapyd aims to use the new cash to build what it calls “the world’s largest local payments network.” It’s a critical component of its ambition to become the Amazon Web Services of […]

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The New New World: Censoring China’s Internet, for Stability and Profit

Supported by the new new world Censoring China’s Internet, for Stability and Profit Thousands of low-wage workers in “censorship factories” trawl the online world for forbidden content, where even a photo of an empty chair could cause big trouble. ImageCreditCreditJialun Deng By Li Yuan Jan. 2, 2019 查看本文中文版閱讀繁體中文版 Li Chengzhi had a lot to learn […]

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The New New World: How Cheap Labor Drives China’s A.I. Ambitions

Supported by The New New World How Cheap Labor Drives China’s A.I. Ambitions ImageWorkers at the headquarters of Ruijin Technology Company in Jiaxian, in central China’s Henan Province. They identify objects in images to help artificial intelligence make sense of the world.CreditCreditYan Cong for The New York Times By Li Yuan Nov. 25, 2018 阅读简体中文版閱讀繁體中文版 […]

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10 years of Bitcoin: How a geeky cryptocurrency changed the world

Happy birthday, Bitcoin! From its birth 10 years ago, Bitcoin has grown from fledgling cryptocurrency proof-of-concept into a real world cash alternative that’s taken seriously by everyone from economists to technologists to national governments. In the process, it’s helped spark the launch of 2,000 more cryptocurrencies, achieved a record high of nearly $ 20,000 per […]

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Want to be the king of the world? Titanic II will set sail in 2022 — for real

[embedded content] Did you spend hours as a kid enjoying the Nintendo Power Glove II? How about those joyous weekends watching Showgirls: The Next Generation, or playing Superman 64 Returns? Of course you didn’t, because none of these things actually exist. Typically, only successful products get sequels, while horribly unsuccessful ones are discarded or written […]


World War II bombings weakened upper atmosphere at edge of space

Enlarge / Bombing of a factory at Marienburg, Germany, on October 9, 1943. US Air Force/Public domain The Earth’s electrified upper atmosphere (the ionosphere) experiences a lot of natural variation, changing with the days and from season to season. The ionosphere can also be affected by certain big events, including solar flares, volcanic eruptions, lightning—and […]