FBI catches hacker that stole Nintendo’s secrets for years

Enlarge Samuel Axon A 21-year-old California man has pleaded guilty to hacking Nintendo’s servers multiple times since 2016, using phishing techniques to gain early access to information about the company’s plans. Ryan S. Hernandez, who went by RyanRocks online, worked with an unnamed associate to phish employee login credentials for proprietary Nintendo servers, according to […]

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Microsoft exposed data of 250 million customers with conversations going back 14 years

Microsoft has admitted it exposed nearly 250 million customer service records owing to “misconfiguration of an internal customer support database” used for tracking support cases that included logs of conversations between Microsoft support agents and customers from all over the world. All of the Microsoft customers’ data was left accessible to anyone with a web […]


Ten Years of Tech

With 2020 on the horizon, the last few weeks of 2019 present us with a unique opportunity to look back and reflect on not only the past year, but also the past decade. The span of time between 2010 to 2020 brought some of the most amazing technological advances the world has ever seen, so […]

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Tweens, teens and screens: The average time kids spend watching online videos has doubled in 4 years

But usage has surged despite mounting concerns from parents and consumer groups about the grip that smartphones and screens have on kids’ lives and development. Advocates worry that features hard-wired into certain tech platforms, such as YouTube’s default autoplay setting, reinforce the impulse to keep watching. “More and more screen time is devoted to content […]